Take-N-Bake Pies

Nothing beats homemade pizza straight from the oven.

That’s why we make Take-n-Bakes: freshly risen, hand-tossed dough, sauce & toppings, raw and ready to take home on oven-safe trays.

In a few minutes our cooks can arrange and seal a take-n-bake pizza, so you can stop by after work, keep it in your fridge, and have the freshest pizza for dinner.

Bonus: Take-n-Bakes are TAX-FREE because they count as groceries.

At-Home Baking Instructions: Preheat your oven to 450˚F, remove the plastic seal, and slide your pizza in on its black tray for 10-13 minutes.

TIP: check on your pizza part-way through and poke big bubbles in the crust with a fork to release their steam. For a crispier crust, with oven mitts and a spatula, remove the tray at the end of cooking and bake the pizza for another couple minutes. (Don’t worry about the parchment paper.)

Take-n-Bakes, ready to go

Take-n-Bakes, ready to go. (clockwise from left) Smoked Chicken Fontina, Lombardi’s Fire, and Pepperoni & 3-cheese.

Take-n-Bakes last up to 3 days in your fridge.

Cook on oven-safe tray at 450˚F for 10-13 minutes. For a crispier finish, remove tray for the last few minutes of baking (leave parchment paper.)

White, 60% Whole Wheat, thin and Gluten-Free crusts available. Take a look at our menu online or choose your own toppings.

We sell a selection of Take-n-Bakes at the Halifax Seaport Market on Saturdays from 8am-4pm, and from our restaurant on Quinpool 7 days a week.

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